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March 17, 2020 by

Special Quarantine Offer: Get 1 month of CurlyBrackets for Free

Hey guys!

Weird times we’re living at, huh? Social isolation, quarantine, virus spreading like wildfire and all that during the sunny spring days and birds singing outside our windows. 

Coronavirus changed a lot. It showed us the weak-spots of health and social systems but it also showed us how close-knitted we all are. The virus spread map is like a live illustration of a theory of 6 handshakes (which are now banned). 

In CurlyBrackets as well as in every other small community we’re thinking about what we can do to help or contribute to going through these times a bit easier. 

Here’s where we’re at:

— We are now working fully remotely and have self-quarantined our families.

— We moved all our classes online. Having 60% of our students taking it online in the first place helped a lot since we already had the experience of running the classes that way.

— All our Summer Camps will run online. We do have a backup location in case the situation gets better, so we are ready to hold the camps both in-person and remotely.

— We will be running free webinars to help teachers and anyone who needs it set up online classrooms or work-spaces.  

We also were talking about how quarantine can be a bit lonely but can also be a good time to try learning something new.

So we’ve decided to open our after school classes for FREE for an entire month for all new subscribers.

Starting today (17.03.2020) and ending 17.04.2020 anyone who registers for our classes will get the first month absolutely for free.

Follow this link to sign-up and start your free month: 

We’d love for you to help us share this info, so it can reach anyone who’d be interested.

Please share this link with your friends, family or coworkers through email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, LinkedIn or any other service that you use.

Stay safe and don’t forget to wash your hands!

Best regards,
Rafid Hoda, Aleksander Malde, Anni Hoda
Co-Founders of CurlyBrackets

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