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March 27, 2020 by

The Pandemic Project – free Easter camp from CurlyBrackets

CurlyBrackets usually doesn’t run any activities during Easter but many things are different from usual this year.

As the world is facing one of the hardest problems of the century, we seek solutions. Some have to come from scientists and doctors. But there are hundreds of other problems that need to be solved for us as a society in this time of change. Those we can try to solve together. To solve them you need to pay attention to the world and people around you and try to think outside the box. Join us for a week-long problem-solving marathon and let’s see if we can help the world out.

Follow the link below and sign up!

Best Regards,
Rafid Hoda, Aleksander Malde and Anni Hoda
Founders of CurlyBrackets

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